Monday, September 26, 2011

2012 Calendars

It's time to be thinking about calendars again and I have a few to share today. Calendars are what started me in the POD business and yet they're not really my strong point... but I have some friends with a nice variety of calendars for your viewing pleasure!

This calendar of wildflowers of the Carolinas is perfect for nature lovers!

If you love wildlife and animals then this is a great calendar for you.

This art calendar is quite unique in that these images have only recently been available for reprint. I think it's fabulous!

Who doesn't love flowers? If Spring is your favorite time of the year then enjoy it all year long with this gorgeous calendar!

This calendar is perfect for the orchid addict, um... collector.

Equestrians take a look at this wonderful calendar of the often overshadowed Draft horse.

All in all a great collection but I'll add a couple of mine to the mix. One for daylily lovers:

This calendar is of daisies: mums, asters & helianthus but mostly single flowerd mums.

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