Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I've been inspired {or shamed} into posting again to what was supposed to be my most "regular" blog (I have many languishing in the blogosphere) by the blogging genius Jenny Lawson aka The Bloggess. This is the post I'm referring to in which she admits her funk and still manages to post something awesome. I was going to comment on the post when I was confronted with the fields where you enter your name, email address and website. Although I have my own domain it is strictly a product feed from Zazzle. In my previous comment made on her blog in order to enter a contest to win her book I entered my Zazzle store url and it pulled my most recent post: an humble fridge magnet with a photo of a Hellebore bloom. So spammy! My next thought was to post MY blog address as most people do but wait... I haven't made a post in 2 months (how lame). In my defense the Love of All Things Visual ~and entertaining~ is what prevents me from being proactive enough to post in a blog... or stay focused on my Zazzle store.. or much else for that matter. Case in point: Pinterest, followed by YouTube and Twitter, etc. Distraction seems to be the rule rather than the exception lately in my "free" time spent in my little corner of the world. I'm running out of time so I'll get to Shameless Self Promotion portion of this post with the new electronic device skins available in my store (all few of them thus far).Zazzle Skins by littlewingdesign. And now I can proudly a link to my blog again... kinda sorta.

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